Celebration of Life

Boho Celebration of Life

An Alternative to a Funeral

As we are moving away more and more from traditions, so are end of life ceremonies.

Although at this moment I prefer not to officiate funerals, I’m here to help you celebrate the life of the wonderful person that is now only a thought away, and that will live on in your heart eternally.

A memorial ceremony, or party, is a much more personal and relaxed way to do this.

What can I do ?

What was their favourite place to go? What did they love to do? What music did they blast out whenever they had chance? Let’s celebrate everything about them that lives on through you, and those closest to them.
You could hold this ceremony as you scatter their ashes, or it can be months or even years later, when you feel ready think of them with a smile.

As with all independent celebrant ceremonies, there are no rules or regulations, and you can have this memorial anywhere you choose with everything written personally for you.

Let’s authentically celebrate the amazing person who has truly shaped who you are.

Independant Celebrant Ceremony

Divorce or Relationship Healing Ceremony

We have ceremonies and rituals for just about every milestone in our lifecycle except divorce or relationship breakups, which more than often have a devasting effect on our mental and emotional wellbeing.
This ceremony is for those who now wish to move on and let go of their ties from their former partner in order to take those steps into a new life.

There is no time frame of when to have this ceremony as everyone’s experience is completely personal.

It can be soon after your parting, to help with the transition, or it can be years later when you are finally ready to release yourself from the past.

When to have a Divorce or Relationship Healing Ceremony?

The Ceremony

There are a lot of similarities to a wedding ceremony, in as such as you still make vows or promises, but this time to yourself instead of a partner.

You could have a smudging ceremony to clear negative energy you may have held on to, and you can choose a crystal to help take you forward on your new path. You can have your friends and family by your side for support who can also say a few words of encouragement to you, or you can turn it into one big celebration and have a freedom party!

You may have other ideas that you wish to incorporate which of course I’d be only too happy to help with. If it’s time for a fresh start, I’ll be be your side…

Celebration of Life Fees

Celebration of Life Memorial

Prices from £225

Divorce or Relationship Healing Ceremony

Prices from £225

Included in my package is a beautiful souvenir copy of your script, a ceremony certificate, and a little personal gift from me to you.