Could This be the Right Time for an Elopement?

Oct 1, 2020 | Weddings

With everything so up in the air right now with weddings and gatherings, and the goalposts changing literally every week, maybe an intimate elopement is the way to go!

What Exactly Is An Elopement?

outdoor wedding elopement couple stood on top of a hill holding hands

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “elope”? For me I think of two passionate lovers running off to Gretna Green to get hitched behind their family’s backs.

As a child it was always something quite taboo and would be spoken about in hushed tones around children, as if it were something to be frowned upon. The act of not including family on your wedding day, wasn’t, and maybe still isn’t always approved of. But that’s what an elopement is all about. Just the two of you celebrating your love, with a secret wedding ceremony away from the world’s prying eyes.

Do You Still Have To Keep Your Elopement A Secret?

Absolutely not! The choice is yours. Modern couples are choosing to elope not because they want their wedding to be a secret, but because they often want the intimacy that only this kind of ceremony can bring. If you want to keep it under wraps, then that’s fine, but don’t feel that you have to. You could even invite a handful of guests if you wish, to share your exquisite day.

Why Should We Consider Having An Elopement?

outdoor picnic for two with prosecco and mini wedding cake

Elopement Picnic For Two

Nowadays an elopement is not so taboo, and more and more couples are looking into this option. So let’s have a glance at some of the reasons you and your partner may want to consider having an elopement.

Here’s my Top 4 Reasons To Elope in 2020 and Beyond!

1. Cost!

With the prices of weddings spiralling so high, it often so hard to keep up with the expense. What should be such a happy occasion can be overshadowed by the potential debt you can end up in. Should you get a photo booth because your friend did? And can you knock the sweet trolley on the head because you need to add 4 more guests onto the reception? An elopement certainly takes the money worries away!

2. Uncertain Times!

We are living through unprecedented times right now where we just don’t know what is round the corner. One minute the world was our oyster, and the next, our back garden is as good as it gets! (if you’re lucky enough to have one that is!) There is nothing worse than having to un-invite your guests to bring your numbers down. I mean how do you even go about culling people from your list? It’s an awful thing to have to do.

Because you generally have very few in attendance when you elope, the stress is instantly lifted about those number restrictions that may suddenly change, literally the day before your ceremony. You can always do a big party that could even include a wedding blessing, at a later date when things are more stable.

3. Have Your Wedding Wherever You Want!

 intimate Elopement wedding outdoors with a Celebrant at a reservoir

Outdoor Celebrant-led Elopement

If you choose a Celebrant-led ceremony, my third reason you may consider eloping, is that you can pick anywhere that has a special meaning to you both, to hold your wedding. You no longer have to consider if it’s too far for those long distance friends and family to travel to, or if the venue is big enough to fit everyone in. Your wedding can be held on a tiny jetty on a beautiful lake only big enough for three. Just You, your partner, and the Celebrant. You’re allowed to be completely selfish! It’s just all about you both making your commitment and promises to each other, in a place that fills your hearts with joy. So get thinking where that place could be! If it’s halfway up a mountain, just make sure your Celebrant can hike!

4. It’s All About You!

Couple kissing on a beach after an elopement wedding ceremony

The main appeal of eloping is that you get to spend your full special day together. You don’t have to work the room and talk to every single guest, or get to the end of the day and think that you barely saw your partner after the first dance! And there’s no need to feel bad that you didn’t say bye to your elderly relative.

When you elope it’s all about you as a couple, and not about you entertaining your guests. Take a picnic and a bottle of fizz. Spread a blanket on the ground, and celebrate that you are spending the most enigmatic day with your soulmate, without pomp and pretence, in exactly the way you always wanted it to be. What could be more magical than that?!

Are You Ready To Elope?

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for you to start planning your intimate Celebrant-led elopement, and I wish you the most wonderful wedding day.

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