How To Make Your Celebrant Led Wedding or Vow Renewal More Unique With A Mini Ceremony Or Symbolic Ceremony

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If you are looking for ways to make your wedding a little more personal and unique, then read on to find all about how including a Mini Ceremony or Symbolic Ceremony within your wedding script can do exactly that!

What even is a Mini or Symbolic Ceremony?

A Mini Ceremony or Symbolic Ceremony is a ritual that takes place within your wedding to enhance the unity between you and your partner. It makes your whole day even more magical. Some have a deep connection to the past such as Handfasting, while others are completely modern like the Wine Box Ceremony. Yes it does involve actual wine, or whatever your favourite tipple is, but it’s not to be drunk on the day alas! Some can involve family members and children, which is a great way of helping kids to feel important on the day too. A Sand Blending Ceremony is perfect for this, and super fun for them, especially if you’ve let them pick their own colour of sand. Anything to keep them happy, right?

What Are Some Examples I Can Include In My Ceremony?

Here’s my top 7 Mini or Symbolic Ceremonies:

1. Handfasting or Tying The Knot

Celebrant-led Handfasting ceremony with laughing bride and groom outdoors by a lake

Handfasting Mni Ceremony Photography by Louise Pollitt

We’ve all heard people say that they are going to tie the knot, but have you ever wondered where that old saying originated from?  It dates back to Celtic and Pagan times, where instead of exchanging rings, the couple would have their hands bound together symbolising their commitment to each other. This Mini Ceremony is a perfect example of how we can mix ancient tradition into your modern Celebrant wedding.

You can have pre maid cords that match your colour theme, or choose colours that have a special meaning to you. You can make them yourself and can use ribbons, rope, or even old school ties if you are childhood sweethearts. Anything goes!

If you want to use this symbolic ceremony as a way of bringing both sides of your family together, here’s how you can. Let family members bring their own individual ribbons up during the wedding, and place them over your joined arms. They can  say a few words to you both whilst doing so to make it really personal. Then, as all the ribbons are tied together, you have not just been united as a couple, but as a family too. It’s a truly profound and unforgettable moment for everyone.

2. Sand Blending Ceremony

Sand Blending symbolic ceremony with bride and groom sat on a beach

Sand Blending Symbolic Ceremony

This mini ceremony or symbolic ceremony has its roots in Hawaii.  The newlyweds would each scoop up a handful of sand from the beach where their wedding had been conducted, and place it in a vessel. Symbolically, this represents, that just as the grains of sand were blending together, so were they, as partners for life.

Now I know we can’t all have a wedding on a beach, but we can still incorporate this beautiful ritual into your celebration. You each have a vessel with different coloured sand in, and then one larger vessel too. Take it in turns to pour the sand in, and as you do this, it forms separate beautiful coloured layers. You are two separate individuals, blending yourselves together in love and support for each other.

Again you can involve family and children into this, and have lots of different coloured sand, building up a rainbow of unity. Such a gorgeous thing to have as a keepsake at home to remember your amazing day too.

3. Unity Candle Ceremony

White Examples of a Unity candle set with pink ribbon for a mini ceremony in a wedding

Unity Candles

This is a Symbolic Ceremony that is steeped in tradition but is now brought right up to date with the use of candles that have been beautifully personalised. During this ceremony, meaningful words are spoken by your Celebrant as you both take your individual candles representing your single soul’s flame, and together, light the bigger unity candle. You are now bonded as a twin flames. You definitely shine brighter together!

4. Jumping The Broom

Let’s have some fun! This ritual is generally done right at the end of the wedding after the kiss and presentation. It has its roots in European Gypsy history and also in African custom. A decorated broom is laid in the aisle, or if you’re feeling really confident in your athletic skills, held off the floor by two of your guests!  Everyone then counts you down, as you both hold hands and jump over the broom and into your new life together, leaving the past, as 2 single people behind you. Woo hoo!

5. The Wine Box Ceremony

This is such a lovely Mini Ceremony as it is not just for the day, but for your future too. Into a decorated box, you both place a bottle of your favourite drink. It doesn’t have to be wine, gin will do!  You then also place a sealed letter that you have both written to each other in the box. If there’s anything that is special to you and your relationship, like a gig ticket for example, that can go in too! The box is then sealed or locked, and will not be opened again until a date you have both agreed on. Your first wedding anniversary for example. You can then open the box, enjoy your drink whilst reading your letters, and then look through all the memories. How lovely.

6. A Ring Warming Ceremony

Hands holding two wedding rings resting on a red rose petal for a Ring Warming Ceremony

Ring Warming Mini Ceremony

This meaningful ritual gets every single one of your guests involved. There are a few different ways of conducting this ceremony, but all involve each person at your wedding holding your rings. They make a wish or blessing for you both as they are doing so. Everyone’s energy and hopes for your happy future together have been placed into your rings ready for you to make your promises or vows to each other. So romantic and inclusive of all those you have chosen to spend your wedding day with!

7. The Rose Ceremony

two male hands holding red roses for a rose ceremony in a wedding

A Rose Ceremony

Roses have always been thought of as the flower of love and are so often used in a wedding bouquet. This Symbolic Ceremony is a beautiful ritual that can be just for the two of you, or can include your guests.

If it’s just for you two, you each bring a rose to the ceremony, which after the ring exchange and vows, you give to your partner. This will be first gift that you give to each other on your wedding day. The symbol of love.

If you’d like to involve your guests, you can either give them a rose before the ceremony begins, or they can bring their own to your wedding.  Before you exchange your single roses, all your guests come up and place their roses in a unity vase. Make it extra meaningful, by having your guests write a special wish for you both, and tying it on to the stem. You then have the most beautiful bouquet to take home with you, and the rose will always be your special flower.

So there you go!
My top 7 Mini Ceremonies or Symbolic Ceremonies to help make your Celebrant led wedding uniquely your own!

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